By Tron Griffin

The one thing fans of the Chicago Bears moving to play home games in Arlington Heights need to know is that the Super Bowl and other large events won’t happen without Chicago’s backing. Too many people don’t understand how large events work. The thousands of hotel rooms that would be needed. The high rollers, celebrities, and Super Bowl teams wouldn’t be staying in the northwest suburbs. They likely will stay in downtown Chicago.

The NFL and certain large events would want the city of Chicago to guarantee thousands of hotel rooms plus police escort. The mayor of…

A SNL video of Michael Jordan and for SNL actor turn politician Al Franken.

By Tron Griffin

A picture of the legendary hip hop group NWA.

I must admit that I am a huge fan of hip hop music. Growing up on the south side of Chicago in the 1980s and 1990s usually means you grew up loving 1990s r&b and hip hop music. For years, I have defended hip hop music as just music, but at some point I had to open my eyes, look at the violence surrounding and being promoted in hip hop, and admit the danger the music has caused the African American community.

The music is loved by millions for being raw and uncensored. Loved for speaking the…

Have you ever gotten screwed by a company? Well, in 2020, with all the protests and people no longer staying silent about police brutality and mistreatment; maybe it is time for you to get even with a company that did you wrong or supported a political candidate who sympathizes with white supremacists. If that time is now, then here is what you should do:

You should first Google that company and click on their website or click on websites about that company. You should also do a YouTube search on that company and what services the company is offering or…

For decades now, the city of Milwaukee has been overshadowed by Chicago, the nation’s third largest city. When many people think of the Midwest — they tend to think of Chicago, first. The city with more skyscrapers than the whole state of California and Texas. The city with the seventh most millionaires in the world. The city with Michigan Avenue, the Gold Coast, the nice looking riverwalk, and the city where movies and television shows are being filmed on a regular basis, which is something you don’t see in most Midwest cities.

Chicago and its huge economy has dominated the…

Tron Griffin

Freelance Writer, Former NBA Blogger for SirCharlesin, Former Award Winning Blogger at ChicagoNow

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