Armed Teachers must consider the legal consequences of mistakenly shooting an unarmed student

Polk County Sheriff Office in Iowa adds eight new Deputies.

Over a decade ago, I used to work as a security guard. Like all security guards I went through security training and learned how to evaluate a potential hazard, potential dangerous situation, and how to act accordingly. Even with all the situational training I received from the owners of the security training class (one being a former Marine and the other being a former Chicago Police Chief) there was one thing that stuck out to me. It was the one constant thing they kept telling us over and over that stuck with me the most. The one thing they kept warning us about and trying to get us to remember was the fact that we were not police officers but security officers.

Our job was to secure the property we were guarding and to only take certain actions as a last life or death situation which for the most part is common sense. Our job was basically to be the watchmen like all security guards are because we did not have the same leeway as the police. Our mistakes unlike the police we see killing unarmed men could mean years or over a decade in prison.

Hey, I get how a teacher might want to be armed and save lives if a shooter starts shooting in the school but these teacher must think about the legal consequences if they mistakenly shoot and kill an unarmed student.

They must think about the legal consequences of a kid getting a hold to their gun when their back is turn. I know at least one county has decided to allow trained teachers to become Sheriff reserve deputies which would likely cover some of their legal concerns. Still, I must say it would be better if these schools put more focus on preventing an armed shooter from entering the school by having metal detectors, requiring everyone to get a full pat down, and searching everyone’s bag and backpack just like the Chicago Public Schools have been doing for over two decades.

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